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Herry's team in Nature - Dynamical prefrontal population coding during defensive behavioursOptoPath™le Wednesday 06 October 2021

Herry’s team has recently revealed the interdependency of two brain regions, the basolateral amygdala and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, in e xcessive avoidance while no significant danger .

NewsWednesday 06 October 2021 by DEROCHE-GAMONET Véronique. Last update Monday 29 November 2021
Customized in vivo electrophysiology: from the simplest to the most complexOptoPath™Cyril Herry's webinar in collaboration with our industrial partner: NSANewsMonday 29 November 2021 by DEROCHE-GAMONET Véronique. Last update Monday 29 November 2021
Collaboration between the teams of V. Deroche (OptoPath) and P. Faure (ESPCI, Paris)OptoPath™

Optogenetic experiment has been used to bidirectionally manipulate the VTA-NAc and VTA-Amg pathways to dissociate their contributions to anxiety-like behavior after nicotine injections. They have been shown that the inhibition of VTA-Amg DA neurons mediates anxiety-like behavior, while their activation prevents the anxiogenic effects of nicotine. Highlights of the paper: Nicotine injection...

NewsThursday 18 November 2021 by DEROCHE-GAMONET Véronique.
Cota's team in Cell Metabolism - Hypothalamic bile acid-TGR5 signaling protects from obesityOptoPath™

Cota’s team has identified the hypothalamic TGR5 signaling as a key mediator of a top-down neural mechanism that counteracts diet-induced obesity. The highlights of the paper are: Diet-induced obesity induces changes in the hypothalamic Bile Acids (BA)- Takeda G protein-coupled receptor 5 (TGR5) system Central TGR5 agonism reduces obesity by activating the sympathetic nervous system Hypothalamic...

NewsThursday 18 November 2021 by DEROCHE-GAMONET Véronique. Last update Thursday 18 November 2021
Abrous's team in Molecular Psychiatry - The temporal origin of dentate granule neurons dictates their role in spatial memoryOptoPath™

Abrous’s team, in collaboration with Cyril Herry, Véronique Deroche, and Daniela Cota, has recently revealed the first evidence of an adolescence and adulthood neurogenesis in the hippocampal spatial memory. The combination of functional imaging, retroviral and optogenetic approaches to tag and silence dentate granule neurons (DGNs) has pointed out that only the neurons born during adolescence,...

NewsThursday 18 November 2021 by DEROCHE-GAMONET Véronique. Last update Thursday 18 November 2021
OptoPath expert Cyril HERRY: one of the most influent researchers over the last 10 years!OptoPath™le Friday 27 December 2019

With 5200 citations over 2008-2018, and many publications in the top 1% of the most cited in his field, Dr Cyril Herry is now a member of the closed club of  the most influent researchers as defined by  the Web of Science Group.

NewsWednesday 27 November 2019 by DEROCHE-GAMONET Véronique. Last update Wednesday 17 November 2021