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Université de BordeauxCluster of excellence

Industrial partners

OptoPath development involves a tight collaboration with 3 industrial partners:

OptoPath is a proud member of Neuroservices-Alliance.
Neuroservices-Alliance is a One Stop Shop CNS CRO, providing pharmaceutical industries with functional readouts in neuro-pharmacology. The various CNS platforms members of Neuroservices-Alliance allow industrial clients to benefit from complementary data, generated from in vitro and in vivo CNS Electrophysiology and Behavioral tests. Neuroservices-Alliance is a CNS and Pain research programs accelerator empowered by a strong college of experts.
Imetronic, the first French manufacturer of scientific instruments for behavioral research in Neuroscience. The extreme flexibility and adaptive capability of this company able to produce on demand unique and very high quality equipment. Through a close partnership, Imetronic and the Faculty partners have designed and developed products adapted to OptoPath’s scientific challenges.
Servier IRIS, in close collaboration with faculty working on aging-related memory deficits using a reverse translational stategy, is involved in testing memory test tools in humans.