Université de BordeauxCluster of excellence


OptoPath Coordination :

OptoPath involves 15 scientists from 9 research teams from two research institutes. It therefore concentrates a large number of technical and methodological competences that span all major neurobiological levels (molecules, cells, integrated brain circuits, behaviors).

The two research institutes in Neurosciences from Bordeaux University are:

The Magendie Neurocentre teams brought their expertise to implement new neurobiological tools/procedures (in particular multi-site electrophysiology and optogenetic) and innovative animal models of neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders allowing investigating formation of declarative memory in mice and humans, transition to drug addiction, PTSD-like behavior and obesity phenotypes.

Faculty involved:

Nora Abrous Florence Beranger Francis Chaouloff Daniela Cota Veronique Deroche


Cyril Herry

Muriel Koehl Aline Marighetto

Giovanni Marsicano

Pier-Vincenzo Piazza

The Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases (IMN) includes both preclinical (rodent and primate) and clinical researchers with a clear goal of developing new therapeutic approaches of neurodegenerative disorders by facilitating the translational research from bench to bedside. IMN’s scientists competences include cutting-edge techniques in integrative neuroscience (brain vascular dynamics, in vivo cellular imaging, electrophysiology, functional anatomy), innovative animal models of neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders.

Faculty involved:


Serge Ahmed

Bruno Bontempi

Jean-Luc Morel

Nathalie Macrez