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Presentation of the project OptoPath

A rodent platform entirely dedicated to innovation in experimental psychopathology

OptoPath combines the expertise of neurobiologists, electrophysiologists and experimental psychologists for the identification of new therapeutic targets against 4 major psychological disorders: Addiction, Obesity, PTSD/Anxiety-related disorders and Memory deficits.

Their efforts have been directed towards the development of:

  • Innovative rodent behavioral models of these highly incident psychopathologies with complex behavioral disturbances. To be as close as possible from the human symptomatology, the diagnosis criteria and clinical characteristics of the pathologies of interest have been operationalized into rodents.
  • Cutting edge tools for neurobiological investigations coupling technologies such as multi-sites electrophysiology, optogenetics and deep brain vascular imaging in behaving rodents.

Combining these innovative animal models and cutting-edge technologies, OptoPath provides :

  • A large range of in vivo assays to evaluate the safety/therapeutic effects of novel drugs in the context of 4 major psychopathologies: