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Cota's team in Cell Metabolism - Hypothalamic bile acid-TGR5 signaling protects from obesity

Last update Thursday 18 November 2021

Cota’s team has identified the hypothalamic TGR5 signaling as a key mediator of a top-down neural mechanism that counteracts diet-induced obesity.

The highlights of the paper are:

  • Diet-induced obesity induces changes in the hypothalamic Bile Acids (BA)- Takeda G protein-coupled receptor 5 (TGR5) system
  • Central TGR5 agonism reduces obesity by activating the sympathetic nervous system
  • Hypothalamic TGR5 protects from the onset and worsening of diet-induced obesity
  • Hypothalamic TGR5 participates in the anti-obesity effects of BA supplementation

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