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Université de BordeauxCluster of excellence

Collaboration between the teams of V. Deroche (OptoPath) and P. Faure (ESPCI, Paris)

Last update Thursday 18 November 2021

Optogenetic experiment has been used to bidirectionally manipulate the VTA-NAc and VTA-Amg pathways to dissociate their contributions to anxiety-like behavior after nicotine injections. They have been shown that the inhibition of VTA-Amg DA neurons mediates anxiety-like behavior, while their activation prevents the anxiogenic effects of nicotine.

Highlights of the paper:

  • Nicotine injection activates or inhibits distinct VTA dopaminergic subpopulations
  • NAc-projecting neurons are excited by nicotine, and their activation is reinforcing
  • Amygdala-projecting neurons are inhibited by nicotine, and their silencing is anxiogenic
  • Nicotine-mediated anxiety is prevented by activating VTA-amygdala DA neurons

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