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COCADDICT: an ERA-NET Neuron-funded project

COCADDICT: an ERA-NET Neuron-funded project

A French-Canadian-German consortium for a translational study of cocaine addiction-related brain network reorganization: Experimental psychology combined with neuroimaging and electrophysiology in humans and rodents.

The COCADDICT Consortium brings together basic scientists and clinicians from Germany, France and Canada.  This translational research team offers a rare opportunity to characterize, in a coordinated fashion, the relevant features in both humans and a high face validity animal model.

In brief, identical functional and anatomical connectivity neuroimaging strategies will be used in humans and rats; studies in the latter will be augmented by in vivo multisite electrophysiological recordings and optogenetic manipulations in behaving animals.

According to the integrated diagram presented here, we will:

  • Establish a valid translation between rodent and human for addiction-related brain network reorganization
  • Map transmitter specific neuronal circuits
  • Test the contribution of these circuits to the development, expression and inhibition of addiction-like behaviours

Together, this innovative approach increases our ability to identify neurobiological trajectories and novel treatment targets. COCADDICT was granted 720 000 euros over three years.

Last update Tuesday 26 August 2014